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Before you start Googling, "butt glue" isn't an actual product, but rather the pageant girl nickname for various skin-safe fabric adhesives. Don't be cheap Shutterstock. Then there is the hot tub factor. Pergament suggests having a specific swimsuit you wear just for the hot tub, or simply avoid taking a warm dip in your most expensive suits. Paige explained that every skin undertone has unique colors that are the most complimentary.

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Use cold water and don't let your suit soak for more than 30 minutes.

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But when it comes to actually swimming in your suit, Levine suggests putting a little more thought into it. Luckily, Paige has a great solution. If your swimwear doesn't accentuate your best assets, Paige keeps it real and suggests being honest with yourself. A bargain isn't exactly a bargain, in the long run. Boxers Suits Accessories Swimwear. Confidence is key.

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