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As the final preparations for the pizza get under way, Lelouch tells Shirley on the phone that he will talk to her later while he watches the scene from the control room. Though Kallen is initially compliant, to her dismay she is forced to be a square-shaped monster at the fair's haunted house that jumps out from under a tombstone and scares people. While he tries to get Shirley away, Kallen cuts some cords, causing panels to fall down, as a distraction. Seeing they are okay, Euphemia gets the news crew to make a nationwide announcement. In a flashback, Euphemia talked with Schneizel about an idea she had, and he encouraged her to follow her heart while he talks to Cornelia about it.

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The scar itself kinda looks like a trident and not the Geass Sigil which questions if it's even linked to Geass itself.

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Code Geass

Inside a food room at the Student Council building, Suzaku is cutting up onions when Kallen, her knife patch drawn, sneaks in behind him. Milly wonders if the fact Milly is so close to such technology is why he wants to marry her, and Cecile clarifies that he has absolutely no attraction to females, even though he claims he gets their general gist. Additionally, there is a scene during the sequence where C. C get this scar? Post as a guest Name. Nunnally then comes in, and seeing Euphemia with her, Lelouch scampers out. However, everyone is shocked and disgusted with the idea, since it is impossible to do such a plan.

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